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Our Bash! Boutique and showroom is underway. I can't tell you how bad the insomnia is getting. I am so excited! I can hardly wait. The color on the wall is called reflection. I've done so much reflecting on if this was the right time and place. But for someone who specializes in making something from nothing, I will not allow myself to suffer from Paralysis through Analysis!

Although Bash! has pretty much been set a drift for the past year and a half, our client base has grown beautifully and everyone who has supported and encouraged me personally, as well as professionally, has been amazing! I feel as if this move isn't just about me, but about everyone who has supported and believed in us. I hope to continue to bring you all of Bash! and that we continue to share our hopes, dreams and celebrations!

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Cake Flavors

I am very passionate about the quality and commitment to providing the best products and services possible. Using only the finest organic and fair trade ingredients, including local farmers and growers, keeps my cakes free of pesticides, synthetics and preservatives ,yet full of yummy, sweet goodness and clean fresh flavors.Bash! Event Boutique and Organic Cakery is my baby and a family business and like you....only the best for my family, so welcome to the family.

We also offer Gluten Free Chocolate and Vegan options. 


Table Scapes





Hand Made Floral Accessories

Beauty is in Bloom! - Up Designed Fashion

I started my floral accessories company at 9 years old named it "Ziya Blooms". At 12, I created my own fashion line called Beauty in Bloom.      Beauty in Bloom is not just a fashion line, but a lifestyle. Clothing that are an expression of spirit, resilience and empowerment. Flowers has always had a special place in my heart. They are beautiful and unique, they come in all colors, shapes and sizes and no two are alike. Like people they're all beautiful in there own way. 

My mom has been putting flowers in my hair from the time I was a "little flower". My dad would bring my mom, my sister and I fresh flowers just because. Although I am always a little sad when they die, they still inspire me. That's why I have a flower in my hair all the time. My mom would make them to match all my cloths and everyone would ask where I got them. I was so proud to say "my mom made them for me". Now I'm even prouder to say I make them on my own, with a purpose. I have dreamt of being a fashion designer and that dream has come true. I want every and all girls to be inspired to follow their dreams because they are ... Beauty in Bloom! 

Ziya- Co-Founder & CEO              E'Jaaz - Dir. Mix Media Arts            Kiana - COO


Teddy Bear Party

High Tea Party

Ziya's Rock Star Party