The Gratitude Box

Today being the first day of Kwanzaa I want to share with you how we have been spending the holidays. If you recall from my last Blog post, I mentioned the gift request I made to my children (3 Random Acts of Kindness each) this is just one of those gifts from my daughters. Over the years I've created a family tradition for my children in regards to their birthday gifts, please stay with me. Every year we have some sort of celebration for them. However, we only open one or two gifts after the party, the rest go unopened into the Gratitude Box. 

 I want them to be present in the moment, having wonderful experiences not with the goal of collecting gifts. On those days when they give a little more of themselves, or work through a personal goal or struggle, we would go to the Gratitude Box and they would choose a gift for themselves. Well, my girls brought that box to me...with about 8 or 9 unopened gifts that they wanted to be donated to the toy drive I was hosting. It took my breath away; no words could express my feelings in that moment. But one comes to mind now ...Inspiring.  

Organically Yours,

A.Malakah Williams

Malakah Williams