Celebrating ME!

Now that we're in the New Year. I can't help but to think about fragile and fleeting time truly is. As I watch the growth of my children, I also have to look a little more closely at my own growth. Not only as a wife and mother but as an entrepreneur, and while on this journey keeping my spirit intact. 

See I've never measured time the same as most...the funny thing is I spent the first part of my life in fast forward. Now I find myself constantly trying to slow things down. Living in the moment, doesn’t come easily to a ‘‘Planner’’. The thing I struggle with the most is simply celebrating ME! How is it that I work so hard and place such a high premium on celebrating others yet not place that high of one to pamper myself? After all, I’m beautifully designed and naturally refined. I'm fearless in my loyalties and carry the wisdom of those who came before me. I'm a work in progress yet I'm phenomenal all the same, and I am not alone. They say anything you do for 30 days becomes a habit so for the next 30 days I will be Celebrating Me! Please join me in the celebration of You…and share your adventures. I will and I'll continue to be...   

Organically Yours    

A.Malakah Williams

Malakah Williams