Give Thankfully

Pressure. Pressure is what most people are feeling right about now. Pressure to create, hold on to and keep up with an impossible task… the task of the great pretence. Pretending to be what this time of year is supposed to represent. Yet as I watch the hustle and bustle begin. I listen to the people in the supermarkets and shops I do not see, nor hear, any pleasure in them. The stress on their faces over plans they wish they had the courage to decline. I see the embarrassment on the face of women with a young child, as her card declines and she searches for another to pay for the modest amount of groceries. While deciding what from her cart she “really” doesn’t need. Or overhearing “this is the last year I am doing this, I just can’t afford it, or the stress!”

I get it, it’s not the first sweet dream we’ve bought into nor, will it be the last. However, there comes a time when you have to wake up or make the decision to stay asleep… and it is a decision. I choose long ago not to sleep my life away, but live it with purpose and meaning. While choosing to see all the beauty and not so beautiful aspects of life.

Living my life authentically, again it’s a choice and isn’t easy. But hearing the echoes of my mother and grandmothers voices still singing in my mind “sleepers get nothing but a dream, decisions should be made consciously and thoughtfully” Especially this time of the year when the need is so great. I choose family first and together we give thankfully with purpose and meaning as we do all year long.


Organically Yours



Malakah Williams