His Eyes

My husband and I just celebrated our 18 year of marriage. It’s been the best 14 years of my life. Yes, I know those numbers don’t quite add up, but you don’t share 21 years with someone and there not be a few bumps in the road. A few times when you question, why isn’t there an expiration date on marriage licenses? When I met my husband, I was on a mission to find my ideal partner. I lived my life being the kind of person I wanted to marry. Spiritually conscious, civic minded, charitable and honest.  On one beautiful summer day, I met him. The problem (and you know there’s always a problem) I didn't recognize him. How funny is that, after all the time and soul searching I couldn’t see him. He wasn’t wrapped in the packaging that I thought he would be. Don’t get me wrong, he was beautiful, a perfect picture of the boy next door, sooo not my type! I couldn’t see myself with him, but boy did he see me! He saw what I wanted him to see and what I didn’t. He saw my dreams and my nightmares. He saw my strength and weaknesses through laughter and tears. He saw….Me and loved what he saw… even when I didn’t. At times, his were the only eyes we had. His faith and honesty gave me full faith in the belief that I could follow this man blindly! And even after 21 years together being a little older, a little wiser and a little rounder, I can still close my eyes, be it in fear or doubt knowing that I am in good hands. Making me stronger, braver and more beautiful than ever.

Organically Yours


Malakah Williams