If You Give a Kid a Camera...

Finding ways to connect with my children, especially my son, who’s now fifteen, finds me at a loss. So I am always searching for those commonalities that can bring us closer together. Using what we have in common as ways to bond brings about special moments and wonderful conversations loving art, music, dance, crafts, books, any and all of it can bring great dialogue. So I am making this the summer of finding my children’s passions.

My son E’Jaaz amazes me, he is so talented, smart and creative yet he tries so hard to suppress these gifts in effort to be like “everyone else”. How many ways can I express to him that his true beauty lies in his uniqueness, his artistry and his vision. So when I discover that one of the things we have in common is photography, I ran with it.

The first time I put a camera in his hands, he showed me how he sees the world. Loving nature and all things outdoors, he said it was a peaceful way to relieve stress. The photos he takes are beautiful and inspiring and seeing the word through his eyes is a gift. As he’s grown, so has his version of beauty. The connection we feel when we have these special moments together are priceless. Now all of the children have cameras and we go out into the world ready to capture a small piece of it. What happens if you give a kid a camera? A door will open and they will invite you in. That’s a moment that should be celebrated because that moment will be.

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Malakah Williams