Sense of Direction

A funny thing happened on the way to the new location.... I got lost. I truly lost my way. Fitting into a new environment has its challenges, creating a new culture in that environment is something else.I really enjoyed my old space because I felt I could infuse parts of myself in its overall aesthetic... unique, elegant, stylish and contemporary. Most of all, warm... like an extension of my home. The new space is nothing like that, I see it as a diamond in the rough, but rough non-the-less. However, this was not what brought on the feeling of being lost, it was the lack of control and sense of direction.

See....  the move required not only a change of venue, but to change. As much as I long for a certain amount of comfort-ability, I'm uncomfortable with the notion of it. I mean, how does one grow and not change yet not feel lost within that process? I love what I do, I see people at their happiest moments. I create magic in a time when so few believe in it, with something as simple as a piece of cake or a paper flower.

I don't know what this new adventure will bring, but I do know that its affording me an opportunity to re-design my own road map. Some of my greatest excursions have been when I left the beaten track. And most importantly, its affording the opportunity to reconnect with my family. After all, you cant mistake the things you do for your family with the things you do with them. At times, I am guilty of this. But whenever I lose my way, they are the beacons that guide me home....they are home.

Organically Yours


Malakah Williams