The Beauty of Brilliance

Summer is a wondrous time for my family. A time to re-connect and bond with a spirit of adventures. Its no secret how much I love homeschooling my children. I feel that as their first teacher, its a natural and organic progression to home school. It creates a loving learning environment that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. It breatheslife into learning, coaxes the characters from the pages and draws road maps from the past to the present. They Create their own lessons which not only builds their critical thinking skills, but empowers them to use those skills with passion as well as compassion.

I believe my children are Beautifully Brilliant, as all children are. They've taught me so much about the limitlessness of learning and as a rule, we don't allow school to get in the way of learning. This summer, my children are experiencing the Beauty of their own passion and Brilliance. Exploring their individual talents and gifts through art, music movement, science and literature. With the understanding that mathematics, economics and practical life skills are one in the same, often calling for the teacher to become the student.

I love this time with them, experiencing each others evolution and watching it happen, so naturally, is breathtakingly beautiful. Something that both my children and I will remember long after these wonderful summer days conclude. And that's the Beauty of Brilliance.

Organically Yours,


Malakah Williams